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My 2017 Christmas Planner

*This post has been updated and reposted from the blog archives.

Every year at this time I bring out my Christmas Planner. It's important to me to be organized and intentional this time of year and my planner allows me to write down my priorities so I can focus on what is truly important to me. 

Book Review- A Well Crafted Home by Janet Crowther

Y'all I've been really looking forward to sharing this book review with you all. A Well Crafted Home by Janet Crowther is hands down one of the best books on my reading list this year. Well put together and the diys appeal to my sense of style and home decorating taste.

Book cover provided by Blogging for Books

The cover even makes me happy.

The book is broken down room by room which I liked although you most certainly could put any of the diys in any room you want to. Each diy is rustic in nature and this is what really appealed to me.

Reclaimed wood benches, pendant light, cutting board, wooden herb planter, and more are what you will find in this book. Each diy brings a new level of cozy to the home and I can't wait to tackle some of my favorite projects and add them to my home.

** Disclaimer: This book was provided to me free of charge from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All views are my own. Amazon Affiliate link is provided for your convenience and any purchase made helps support this blog. Thank you for your support!

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Diy Terry Cloth Wet Wipes

I gave up disposable wet wipes years ago when my second daughter was just a wee baby. At the time I purchased already made bamboo wet wipes and a wipe warmer. After my son was potty trained it was no longer necessary to keep the wipes around so I passed them on to someone else who wanted them.