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New arrivals on our little homestead....

This morning was a whirlwind of excitement! My sweet doe gave birth to her first litter of kits and they couldn't be more adorable.

This is the first ever batch of babies born on our homestead.

Several are broken patterned and by the looks of it we may have some blues in the batch just like mama.

Eleven squirming, wiggling, squeaking buns. Mama has been a great mom so far. Very protective of her babies.

Diy Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

I've felt a stirring for awhile now about our use of paper gift wrap. Every birthday and Christmas I would wrap gifts all while feeling a pang of guilt about how in a matter of minutes the pretty paper would end up shredded in the recycling bin. 

I got to the point where I was just done so I set out to change our gift wrap habits. I've seen a few people who have gone to using cloth bags for produce and bulk foods as well as a couple who have made their own versions of fabric gift bags and I was hooked. This was exactly what I wanted, an eco friendly option. Bonus- it's also extremely frugal!

Here I'm going to share how I am making mine. There are no set rules so feel free to make modifications as needed.

Materials needed-

Fabric of your choice
Thread to match
Ribbon for tying bag shut

First you will need to decide how big you want your bag. I'm not including dimensions here because it will all depend on how large or small you want. Make sure and add at least a half inch on all sides  for seam clearance. So if you want a 12"x12" bag you will need to cut it 13"x13".

To start off line your fabric up wrong sides together. Yep, we're starting this off wrong sides together. Sew a 1/4 in seam along your sides and bottom.

In your bottom 2 corners cut a tiny slit.

Turn your fabric wrong side out now. The slits will help your fabric lay flat. Press along your seam.

Now sew along those same seams again using more than a 1/4" seam allowance. Sewing the bag this way seals your raw edges inside the seam which will give you a clean edge.

Be careful when you sew this seam otherwise you might end up making a mistake like I did. No biggie and the bag is still functional. Just make sure your seam allowance the second time is more than the original 1/4" seam and you'll be fine.

 Now that you are done with your sides it's time to finish off the top. Fold your raw edges over 2 times and pin. I find pressing as I go helps. Then sew your hem.

 That's it. One finished bag ready to wrap a gift in. Just use your ribbon to tie it shut and your ready to go.

We will be using these bags for our family as well as close family members that know us and are more than happy to return them after the gift it open so that they can be used over again. I plan on eventually making reusable gift tags with this same thought in mind.

For gift giving to friends and family that aren't super close our plan is to just use brown wrapping paper. This paper is a bit more eco friendly and is fun to dress up by drawing on it. Bandanas and fabric scraps are also a good option for smaller gifts.

It's such a relief not having to worry about gift wrap anymore. My budget and my eco footprint all feel better since I'm no longer wasting anything.

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I've been hiding under a rock lately......

This year has already proven to be tough for me. I've been fighting fatigue and sore joints since January and am only now starting to feel better. 

Despite not feeling the greatest I did stop by the side of the road and pick up these 2 pieces of wood for projects.

I also finished my first creative project of the year, this cross stitch/embroidery. It's now hanging in my laundry room and I'm loving it.

I took the youngest to his 4H Cloverbuds group a couple of weeks ago and he didn't even make it to the meeting before crashing, with potholders on his hands. He woke up just in time and had a blast making ice cream.

I've currently got 2 crochet projects on my hook right now. I'm working on a granny square blanket and a pair of leg warmers (above pic). We've had a lot of drs appointments in the last 2 months so that's quite a bit of time waiting which is good for working on projects. 

Sadly, due to a full schedule and just not feeling well I haven't posted much on my social media accounts or written any blog posts. Hopefully the worst is behind us and my osteoarthritis quiets down so I can get back to my normal activities.

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Hello 2018!

Another year has come and gone. This past week I've read numerous posts about new year's resolutions, words of the year, and goals. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them but I felt no hurry to put out there any of my own. In fact I decided that I wasn't going to make any resolutions or goals specific to this year at all. I did decide to choose a word for the year.

Attribution Her Creative Studio at https://creativemarket.com/