No Sew Butterfly Wings

I stumbled across these photos last night and had a sweet walk down memory lane. I loved making these wings and my daughter loved wearing them. In fact, she asked this year whether we even still had them because she wanted to be a butterfly again this year.

Sadly, we didn't still have them and we ended up buying the kids costumes this year instead of making them. After seeing these pictures though I wanted to write up a quick tutorial as Halloween is right around the corner.

For this project you will need:
Fabric glue
Felt in black (I purchased a yard but how much you need will depend on the size you are making), white, and any color you want (we used a multi-colored tye dye)
Elastic in black
Poster board for making your template

First off you will need to draw out a wing for a template.

Once you have it cut out take your black felt and fold it in half. Place the edge of the pattern on the center fold and cut out.

This will give you both sides of your wings.

Now for the fun part. Take your colored and white felt and cut out the shapes for the decorative part of the wings. I didn't have any pictures of this process, sorry. It's relatively easy though and I doubled each piece of felt and free handed my cutting. You just want to make sure that they aren't all the same size. You will also want to cut out an oval piece of black for the body.

Here it is all laid out. Once you get to this stage take your fabric glue and glue each spot and the center piece down to the main piece of black felt. Once it's glued let dry thoroughly. I let it dry for several hours before attaching the elastic.

Once it's dry cut 2 strips of elastic for the wrist bands. You want to make sure they aren't too tight so it's a good idea to measure your child's wrist and then add on a bit extra for when you attach them.

The elastic will get attached at the top of the wing by the wrist. I sewed mine on but you could easily staple them instead. Since I did sew those on I couldn't tell you if the fabric glue would hold but I've never had an issue with it not holding a project, just go easy on any tugging.

The finished result.

There you have it. An easy to make pair of beautiful butterfly wings. I only wish the camera I had at the time took better pictures.

Happy crafting!



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