Getting Organized with a Christmas Planner + 6 of my Favorite Christmas Printables

Every year at this time I bring out my Christmas Planner. It's important to me to be organized and this is the best way for me to keep everything together so that nothing falls through the cracks. It also helps by keeping me focused. I know what I want our holiday to look like and by keeping a planner I am less likely to deviate from the plan and make Christmas complicated.

This year I decided to update my Christmas Binder. I was using a regular 3 ring binder that was okay but didn't say bright and beautiful to me. So I dashed out to Walmart and picked up a pretty decorative binder that looked more festive and some scrapbook stickers in the same color scheme.

I wanted simple so I went with Merry Christmas across the front with the scrapbook stickers. I haven't done it yet but I plan on doing the same down the spine.

Inside I used plain white dividers and prettied up the tabs with washi tape.

I purchased my Christmas planner pages last year. I love absolutely love them and am using them again this year! The colors are so pretty and the pages are just what I need to stay organized. I've listed the link to this planner below.

Inside my planner I have 8 tabs- Calendar, Gifts, Budget, Plans, Menu, Cards, Decor, Crafts. After years of trial and error I've found these to be the most useful for me.

Now that I've shown you my Christmas Planner here are 6 of my favorite printables for Christmas-

Here is the link to the planner pages I use from Mamas Got it Together- Christmas Holiday Planner
I love this wish list from Organizing Home Life- Free Printable Christmas Wish List.
This DIY Christmas planner from Eighteen25 is simple and easy to put together- 2015 DIY Christmas Planner
This planner from the Polka Dot Posie is adorable- Merry Christmas Planner
These Christmas planner printables from Mom's Favorite Stuff are cute and fun- Christmas Planner Printables
These printables from Time 2 Save Workshops are colorful and simple- Printable Christmas Planner: A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas

I use the Christmas Holiday planner from Mamas Got it Together as my base planner. From there I add in other printables and spreadsheets as needed.

How do you get organized for Christmas? Do you use a planner? Share your methods and ideas below.

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