Porch Shoe Organizer

I got the inspiration for this project from Living Well Mom's post Easy Shoe Organizer for Kids. I read it and instantly knew I had to do this. We are going on our 3rd Fall here in the Pacific Northwest and this time of year is rainy, rainy, rainy. Almost depressing rainy. Rain also means mud, lots and lots of mud.
Shoes are not allowed to be worn in the house but since we still have to come in through the front door and mud inevitably gets invited in anyway. This wouldn't be an issue if we had wood flooring but alas we don't. We have carpet. Light colored, mud showcasing carpet.

Enter her fantastic idea for a shoe organizer for the front porch and it was the perfect solution to our rainy fall/winter predicaments.

I already had the wire storage cubes so I put them together and zip tied it the way I wanted it to sit on the porch. I didn't put their names on them like she did because even lamination has a tendency to fall apart here in our neck of the woods. I'm still not sure how or if I'll mark them but for now we're doing ok without names on them.

Our umbrellas sit perfectly on top which allows them to dry without cluttering up space on the porch or the front entry.
The kids are still getting used to the idea but it has been working well as far as keeping the wet and mud outdoors where it belongs. We still have our entry organizer for the dry days but it keeps confusing the kids if one day their sneakers are in the outside organizer instead of the inside. I think eventually all shoes will end up outside.
What are some of your tips for shoes and keeping them organized?
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