DIY Burlap Garland

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This fall I am finding myself loving burlap. Burlap wreaths, burlap table covers, burlap bows, burlap garlands. I think it's because it feels so natural and I have this huge desire to decorate with natural elements this holiday season.
Thanks to this latest obsession I decided to make my own burlap garland. I found it really simple to make. I love diy's that are quick and easy.
In order to make this yourself you will need:
A roll of burlap ribbon (about 100 yards give or take depending on how long or short you want)
Large needle that the twine will fit through. I used a canvas needle
To start off make a good size knot on one end of your twine. Make sure it won't slide right through the gap in the burlap. Sew straight down the edge of the twine. When you get to the bottom start sewing in a zig zag pattern across the ribbon.
You can make the ruffles smaller or larger depending on how big you sew the zig zag. I found on mine that some areas are a bit tighter and smaller than others because my stitches got more narrow.
Every once in awhile pull the twine so that it ruffles the burlap. Pull until it looks how you want it.
When it reaches your desired length finish off the end like you did to start and tie off in a large knot. I added a small loop with the twine on either end of mine so that I could hang in on my mantle. Fluff the burlap until you are happy with it.
TADA! One easy peasy rustic burlap wreath. I love that with some simple tweaks I will be able to use this garland through Christmas. Maybe even into next Spring.
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