5 Reasons to Ditch Paid TV

A year ago we ditched our tv provider and went back to good old fashioned antennae service. It was a very hard decision to make and it took us awhile to decided to go for it.

 What would our kids watch without Disney channel? as if they need to be glued to the tv screen for hours a day. Would the antennae bring in all the channels we truly wanted to watch?  At the end of the day we realized that we wanted more from life than watching tv every spare minute. We wanted to be enjoying life.

 We wanted the kids to spend time being creative and using their imaginations. We wanted them to play and run and be kids.

 We really weren't watching a whole lot of tv in the first place so why were we paying all that money for something we rarely watched. That cinched the deal for us.

  5 reasons to ditch tv service-

 1. It saves a lot of money! This was a big one for us because we are always trying to find ways to live as frugally as possible. Our satellite tv bill was almost $100 a month. That adds up to a huge yearly savings!

 2. Most of the channels we watched were local channels that could be picked up using an antennae, for free!

 3. Anything we don't get we can watch online for free! Many of the big national networks allow you to watch tv shows online for free after they air. You have to wait an extra day or two but we find it's worth it to wait. Hulu also allows you free access to some tv shows without paying for the Plus membership.

 4. Netflix rules for everything else! We watch tv shows and movies on Netflix and this has been our main go to over the past couple of years. There's a monthly fee but it's minimal and there are more titles than we could ever hope to watch in a lifetime. Especially since they are continually adding titles.

 5. We have more time to spend as a family now that we don't have tv as a prominent feature in our home. This was one of our biggest reasons to ditch tv service. Our kids spend more time outside playing, reading, and creating. We still enjoy watching a little tv from time to time but without hundreds of channels to peruse it's easier to turn the tv off and read a story or craft together.

 We don't regret our decision at all. It's been a year now and we don't miss it. It's freeing to know that we are no longer paying for something we don't need. We are happy to see our kids spending more time being active outdoors or applying themselves in their areas of interest. It's been a huge win, win for us.    photo signature 2_zps3tdcvyyh.png

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