Having Patience

The past week has been a huge lesson in patience for me. I found myself antsy and irritated that things weren't going as quickly as I wanted them to. I wanted the garden to be finished and planted. I wanted to order some fruit trees. I wanted to add some chickens. I wanted it all bigger and better and well frankly, now.

 I allowed myself to lose sight of the present moment, I failed to see the beauty we were creating in our little backyard. The richness of the soil as the gravel was sifted out. The beauty of the ducks as they waddled around the yard. The gracefulness of the grapes as they finally unfurled their leaves and vines.I failed to see all the work we had accomplished that was already making a difference in the yard. I somehow allowed myself to lose sight of the here and now. I was irritated and depressed.

  As I walked my girls to school a few days ago I reflected on the issue of patience. Without patience I fail to see my kids as they grow and learn. I miss out on the moments that matter. Without patience I'm always chomping at the bit to get to the next stage of life. But that's not what life is about.

 Life is about cherishing and living in the moment whether good or bad. Being present in a positive way. It's definitely not easy. I find it's so easy to get distracted. Maybe someone close to me has the appearance of having it all together and is "going places" in their life. It's easy to get distracted by others and fail to see the beauty in front of me.

 I don't want to keep wallowing in what I don't have yet. I want to enjoy the present moment and live in the thrill of accomplishment as the plants we started from seed grow bigger and stronger as the days go by. To feel a sense of accomplishment each day by a project that is finished or a house that is clean and uncluttered. Little things, day by day, moment by moment.

  This week I promise to myself to stop and look around. To see what I've done and feel good about the progress I've made. To be intentional and present in each moment. To above all have patience in the process.

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