2016 Home Binder Tour

 I used to carry around a big bulky 3 ring binder that had my entire life in it. I would get compliments about how organized I was all the time. I felt like the queen of organized. In retrospect it's kind of funny because I'm so not a Type A personality.

 Anyway, then along came child number 3 and my organized days were suddenly over. I no longer wanted or had room in all the gear I schlepped to carry around a binder nor did I feel like I had enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I wanted. Even as the youngest got older my desire to be organized never really came back.

 I tried to reassemble the good ol' binder every once in awhile but found I never used it. I used my planner more than anything and that system has worked well for me over the last few years. But as this year started I wanted to give the whole binder thing another try.

 After mulling it over and going through what I like and didn't like about the 3 ring binder I decided that I was more likely to use one if it was flexible like a notebook. I dug out an arc notebook I had sitting in my office which is just perfect for my needs and wants and got to work assembling my new binder.

  I used the Simplify Home Organizational system from Just a Girl and Her Blog for most of my sections. I love how pretty and functional the pages are in this bundle. The rest are from I Heart Organizing's Etsy Store.

My sections are set up for Goals and Planning, Food and Meals, Health and Fitness, Cleaning and Organizing, Birthdays and Gifts, For the Kids, Lists and Logs, Personal, and Garden Plans.

  So far I'm loving my new binder. I'm actually using it on a daily basis which is great since life is so busy and there is so much going on these days.

  Do you use a home binder? What areas are important to have in yours?

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