Homemade Soft Scrub

Whoever invented white, porous, laminate counter tops should be tarred and feathered. We are talking about the world's worst invention ever and someone at some point had it installed in the kitchen of our rental home. Everything that is spilled on the counter stains it no matter how fast you rush to clean it up. Any color other than white would be an upgrade.

When it dawned on me that keeping that counter top clean was going to be a full time job I purchased soft scrub and went to town scrubbing and bleaching the stains out of the counter abomination. Trust me when I say that if I had the choice I would gladly pay out of pocket to replace that horrible counter with something else, anything else.

The problem I had with the cleaner though is that it really didn't line up with my determination to use all natural homemade cleaners. It had bleach in it and I really didn't want it in the house but what was a girl to do? One day though I was perusing Pinterest and it hit me. Pin after pin showed that good old baking soda and a combination of other ingredients would work just as well if not better than that bottle of soft scrub.
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After that revelation I pulled out the ingredients from my cupboard and got to work making my own cleaner using baking soda and essential oils.

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I used one cup of baking soda and 20 drops of essential oil and mixed it until the oils were incorporated.

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When I was ready to use it I simply sprinkled some on the areas that needed it and then drizzled some plain old dish detergent on top to moisten it a bit.

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Taking pictures of porous white laminate is incredibly difficult but in this picture you can hopefully see the stain I had just started scrubbing on. This was a much bigger stain and I had already scrubbed out about half of it.

This works amazingly! I do the same amount of scrubbing that I would with the manufactured scrub but I know that the homemade version is a much healthier option for our family.

Photo copyright Sarah Moore
Again it's really hard to take a picture of this type of counter but you can still see how clean it is. This works great on the sinks too.

Here's how I put it all together.

Homemade Soft Scrub Recipe:
1 cup Baking Soda
10 drops Lemon Essential Oil**
10 drops Essential Oil of your choice (other options are lavender, tea tree oil, sweet orange, clove)
Put ingredients in bowl and mix until well combined. Store in glass jar with a good lid. You don't want moisture getting in. You want to use glass because essential oils can react with plastic, especially citrus.

To use: sprinkle on surface and drizzle dish soap over top. Using a sponge with a scrubbing surface rub stain in a circular motion until clean. Wipe clean with a damp sponge.
Note: I've always use dish soap on top but I'm thinking next time that I will try some liquid castille soap to see how it works.

**Please research this and all other essential oils before using especially if you have a health condition. Pregnant or nursing women should consult a health care professional before using certain oils. Some oils are not safe for children. Keep out of reach of children.  
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