Living More Intentionally

One of the biggest tips that established bloggers often tell you is to write what your passionate about. I have many things I'm passionate about but I often find that when I go to actually write about it I have a hard time finding my voice. I'm not living intentionally like I want to be.

 I don't really find myself enjoying writing recently. Looking back at many posts I realize how dry they sound. I'm sorry about that.

 I love to write but if I'm going to be happy here I have to be true to myself and get back to my roots of who I am and what makes me me.

 I'm a quirky crazy person really. I did just put in an order for ducks because my husband thought they might make a good therapy animal for me. By therapy I mean something that I can spoil the crap out of and talk to like a therapist but still is useful by hopefully turning out to be females that can produce eggs for us to eat.

 I am not some well put together person that has it all together and has a well organized home. I'm not a Type A person at all. Sure clutter frustrates me and I desperately wish I were more organized and put together. I've tried scheduling my days though and found myself so restricted that it gave me anxiety anytime I fell behind, which was always. Which is why I now use my planner in a completely anxiety free way.

 I'm really more interested in writing about things that I love to do. Things like spending time in my garden or working on building a small working homestead on the 1/10th of an acre that we rent. I want to write about things that are working for us and recipes that we love. I want to be free to talk about the health issues my husband and I face or the books that I'm reading. This is my idea of living intentionally.

Living More Intentionally.

Side note- I used to live on 5 acres in the country and had chickens. The chickens ended in disaster when some feral dogs destroy our chicken coop and killed our birds just for fun. It was a sad day in our house. When I look back though on that time period of my life I realize how happy I was. Living in the city has been emotionally challenging for me. I like and need my space.  

 Does this mean that I won't ever share any of the content that I've written about in the past? Not at all. Those are still things that I love but I'm hoping that by writing more about things that bring me lots of joy that those posts will also come alive and not be so dull.

 So I've decided to start taking this blog into more of a homemaking, homesteading, cooking, diy blog direction. I'll be tweaking the appearance a bit to fall in line with my goal. I'm hoping that by freeing my voice to talk about anything I want I'll end up posting more frequently than 2-3 times a week.

 Thank you for traveling with me along this journey. That's what life is after all, a journey. I hope that you will continue to follow along with me as I find my voice and start writing about the topics that truly inspire me, as I start truly living intentionally.

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