Pico de Gallo

Fresh pico de gallo

I love fresh pico de gallo! All those fresh flavors coming together in a wonderful way and mesh for a flavorful explosion in your mouth. It's one of my favorite things about summer. Farmer's markets and fresh salsa.

  The best part about pico de gallo is that it's super easy to make and comes together quickly. Whenever I make Mexican dishes I often whip up a batch to use in place of salsa. It's sooo good.

  With summer officially here it's the perfect time to take advantage of fresh farmer's market produce and make up a big batch of pico de gallo.

Fresh pico de gallo

 For this recipe there are no exact measurements of ingredients.

  Pico de gallo-
 You will need:
Tomatoes, white onions, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and cilantro (optional). Chop up the tomatoes and onions.

I generally dice them relatively fine so that the onion isn't overpowering. Base how much you chop on your own personal preferences. I enjoy the tomatoes with a hint of onion so I put in more tomatoes.

 Next finely dice a jalapeno. I deseed and remove the membrain before dicing as that is where the heat is. If you want more heat you can remove less of the seeds. I generally add a single jap here but you can add more if you like.

 Finally add some lime juice and salt to taste. I always add a little at a time until it's just right. Use your tortilla chips to gauge how much salt you need. At this time you can add in some chopped cilantro if you wish. This step is completely optional since cilantro is one of those foods where you either like it or you don't

 There you have it. A delicious summer topping for your favorite dishes.  

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