Speed Cleaning the Quick and Easy Way

Every weekend the same thing happens. We play and have fun and Monday morning the house looks like a disaster hit. While I agree with the age old argument that one should do a nightly tidy up before going to bed, on the weekends I would rather be enjoying my family, not worrying about whether the house looks ok. It comes down to my desire to live more intentionally.

By the end of the weekend the house is a mess, so every Monday morning after the kids skip off to school I grab my handy laundry basket and get to work.

I find the easy way to combat the mess is to do some good ol' fashioned speed cleaning. I load up an empty laundry basket with everything that doesn't belong in the room. Kids items, dishes, laundry, everything that doesn't belong. After I have everything gathered I go to all the other rooms and return the items to the area they belong in. If they go in the kids' room I put them on their beds and all other rooms I put the item away. Then it's time to tackle the trash. I quickly pick it up and throw it away and recycle any recyclable items. After a quick vacuum the house is once again presentable. All in all it takes me on average about 10-15 minutes from start to finish depending on how messy it is.

Don't you just love my oversized ugly furniture for this space?! My goal with the speed cleaning isn't for perfection. I don't get into the nitty gritty. I'm not dusting or doing a deep clean of any kind. As you can see in the final picture there is a towing package sitting in the entry space waiting to be returned to Amazon. The goal is just to put everything away as quickly as possible so I can move on and enjoy that space.

  What are your favorite tips for quickly cleaning up?

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