Book Review- The Complete Book of Home Organization

For the last couple of weeks I've been feeling a bit frustrated with the state of my home. Without meaning to I've allowed clutter to creep back in and the chaos has been overwhelming. Inevitable with 5 people, 1 large dog, and a small rental.

 I can't function though when the house is cluttered. I have a hard time focusing on any one thing and find myself jumping from project to project without finishing anything. It's downright exhausting and stressfull. My dislike for clutter is one of the biggest reasons we're trying to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. We're definitely not there yet though and our house doesn't make it easy with it's crazy layout and lack of good storage.

 Earlier this month a copy of Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons new book, The Complete Book of Home Organization, arrived on my doorstop. I love Toni's blog and I've been excited to see the book ever since I heard about it and couldn't wait to dive in and read it.

  Toni's book doesn't disappoint. The pictures are gorgeous and there are so many organizational tips to meet every need. I also love that she invited several other bloggers to share their own personal tips throughout the book.

  At the end of each section there's even a challenge to help you get started with clearing the clutter and getting organized. These sections match up with Toni's Home Organization Challenge that she has on her blog. Double bonus. Oh and the printables for the challenge are FREE! Triple bonus!

  I went back and marked the 15 weekly challenges in the book for a reference and now I'm ready to start tackling the clutter and clearing out all the stress that comes with it. The challenge for 2016 has already started but I love how it doesn't matter. You can either start at the beginning and go it alone or just start in on the current week and catch up on the missed weeks as you go. I will be starting at the beginning myself and working my way to the current week. Happy Organizing!

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