The Healing Basket

One of my big goals this year is to be more intentional. Especially when it comes to my kids. I want to be more present and available. So one of the first books I picked up this month was Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison and I'm loving it! I loved her book The Gift of an Ordinary Day so I was really looking forward to reading her other book in hopes of gleaning more inspiration. Both books are inspirational and encourage my desire to live a more intentional life.

 In one of the chapters Katrina talks about how she had a hurt basket when her kids were young. Many times when kids get hurt it seems like they overreact to the circumstance. They cry much harder or longer than the situation would seem to warrant. These are the times when my first thought would be it's just a scratch you're just fine.

 If we are more aware of the situation and the reasons behind the crying we would probably be more intuitive to the inner soul that needs tending in moments like these. Often they are tired, cranky, or sad. It's more than just a scraped knee or a hard fall. It's a deep need to be nurtured and tended to.

 After reading about the hurt basket I knew that I wanted to have one for our home. I decided to call ours the healing basket and fill it with bandaids, wipes, muscle cream, and antibiotic ointment.

  I've already had the opportunity to tend and meet my kids needs with it and it was truly almost magical. To be intentional and there for my kids when they needed some extra love and tending to. A bandaid may not have been necessary but the love and concern that went into fixing it meant the world to my young child.

  Now when the kids get hurt I remind myself that nothing feels better than the warmth of a mother "fixing" the ouchie and kissing the hurt away. It's one way I can be more intentional as a mom. More loving and caring for the little ones who have been entrusted to my care.
"When I comfort my children with love and care, I teach them compassion." - Katrina Kenison 

Do you keep a hurt or healing basket at your home?  photo signature 2_zps3tdcvyyh.png

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