Why We are Going Minimalist- Part 2

Today I want to share a few steps that we have been taking in order to achieve our desire for simplicity. These are very basic steps. Truth be told everyone's version of minimalism and journey will look different. What works for us may not work for someone else.
  1. We have set out to purge anything and everything that does not serve a purpose for us. Waffle iron that doesn't get used but once every 2 years, gone. Bread machine, gone. Clothing that never gets worn or is worn out or outgrown, gone. We have evaluated every single possession we own, sometimes more than once, in an effort to pair down what we own to what we need.
  2. We set up limits about what we will allow to come into our house. When I am shopping I ask myself where we will put the item. If I can't see it somewhere specific or it doesn't serve a needed position then I don't buy it.
  3. We changed the way we look at gifts for the kids. This year our kids received 2 gifts from us for their birthdays. This Christmas we intend to downsize the amount of gifts they receive from us. I've seen the formula something they want, need, read, and wear. We will most likely use this to determine how we buy gifts this year. We also encourage the kids to go through what they already have and donate what they no longer play with before new gifts come in.
  4. We re-prioritized our goals. We determined what we wanted out of life and put those goals at the forefront of how we wanted to live. We wanted family and making memories to be at the top of our priorities list. Because of this our goal is to use what resources we have to make that happen. We don't want our possessions to control our life.
We are nowhere near where we want to eventually be but I can already see a huge change in the overall atmosphere of our home. It feels lighter. It's easier to keep tidied. We aren't tripping over piles like we used to. We have more energy and more time for each other. It really is a great feeling and it really confirms what we already know about how we want to live our lives.
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