A Duck Eulogy- Saying Goodbye to My Feathered Friends and Plan B

Maybe it's because I have a cold and am probably not in my right mind or maybe it's because if you don't follow me on Instagram you aren't caught up on all the latest that's happening around the homestead because I'm a day late and a dollar short on posting here, but we no longer have our ducks. :(

 In honor of my ducky friends who acted like useless jerks to each other.......and turned out to be ALL Boys (my track record for picking out female birds is horrible)....I'm writing this duck eulogy.

I know that secretly the 3 boys in the back were talking smack about the duck in the front. They were such meanies.

 Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to honor the lives of these young ducks. 

  Two of them were delicious albeit the fact that apparently ducks that solely freerange have very little fat and are very very lean. Note to self add plenty of extra feed to fatten up before sending them to freezer camp. They taught us many lessons such as I don't do very well with the whole death and dispatching animals part of homesteading. It was a horrendous experience when the one bird worked loose from the hands of the dispatcher and flew headless straight at me and landed on my feet. I almost threw up, or passed out. I really wanted to do both but I pulled myself together before that could happen. Well mostly. 

  Dear Walden, we wanted to keep you. We figured that we could make do with keeping 2 boys as long as the bug control on the property continued and you pulled your weight around the homestead. It was a complete lapse in judgment that you are gone. I will never again assume that someone closed the coop door. If I ever find the animal that killed you and dragged you under that shed justice will be served.

  My dearest Tolkien, my heart broke when we found you lifeless on the ground. Oh how I cried. You were the best duck friend ever. Mr Homestead says that we wouldn't have kept you indefinitely but we know that wouldn't have happened. You were my sacred duck. You gave me duck hugs and ate out of my hand. You were my friend and I mourn your loss. 

  My heart is empty now. I no longer wake up to the sweet sound of birds talking in my yard. There is a void now that needs to be filled, preferably with almost grown pullets about to lay eggs for the first time. I'm thinking chickens. I think that in honor of the ducks we will build an awesome run for chickens attached to the totally awesome coop we built. We will fill the coop up with birds who will happily cluck and lay eggs. Who are safe from predators in a fully enclosed run. Who are NOT males and are safe from my dutch oven. Yes, I can see it now.......

 Well mostly. We've started the work on the new run but we won't be able to finish it until later this month or the beginning of October. Then we'll start again.

We put up fencing instead of using pallets for what will be the new chicken run. The old duck house is getting renovated into a hen house. Yep a hen house. I have decided to move on to chickens.

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