Breakfast Bacon and Egg Hash

This recipe is a delicious, healthy way to start your morning off. Healthy and filling, it's also gluten free and paleo.

I'm not really a breakfast person. It's awful. I know I should eat breakfast but I'm not into the traditional breakfast foods. Eggs alone, gag. Fortunately for me I've come across a few recipes lately that have inspired me to create a few tasty morning meals that leave me not only satisfied but eager for the next time I can cook them. This Bacon and Egg Hash is one of those dishes.

I have made this up a number of ways so it's a very flexible recipe.

Breakfast Bacon and Egg Hash
Based off the recipe Steak and Eggs Breakfast Fries from All-American Paleo Table
Click here for a printable version.


1-2 slices of bacon based on your preference sliced into lardons
1 medium potato, diced
Green onions diced
Salt, pepper, and paprika to taste
1/4 tsp dijon mustard
1 egg, poached, fried, over easy, etc. It's best though to cook it so the yolk stays runny. Yum.

First saute bacon until cooked and slightly crispy. Remove to plate. 

Add potatoes to skillet and cook in bacon grease until mostly done. Season with salt, pepper, paprika, and dijon mustard Add half of green onions and finish cooking potatoes. 

Place potatoes on plate and start egg to cook in the skillet. Cook egg to preference. While cooking layer bacon and more green onion on top of potatoes. Once egg is finished place on top of pile.

Voila! One totally awesome, delicious Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pile ready to savor indulgently or stuff your face depending on how hungry you are.

What are some of your favorite breakfast meals?

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