Dancing My Way Into My Not So Skinny Jeans

I love the Fall. Boots and sweaters. Warm drinks. Comfort food.

 Unfortunately for me, comfort food and warm drinks have already got me gaining more weight than I would like. It doesn't help I was already more than a few pounds overweight to begin with. Ugh.

 Last year I had a revelation that maybe skinny jeans really weren't for me since I haven't been able to shed any of the extra weight I've gained. Unfortunately again, my brain and my will don't always agree and do their own separate thing. That could be why I haven't been able to shed the weight in the first place. My brain says exercise. my will says chocolate.

 So just like last year I found myself dancing my way into those skinny jeans I keep squeezing myself into.

 I like to start off by putting on some music, upbeat music is great. Then I put one leg into my jeans followed by the other leg. In time to the music I sway and jerk the fabric up my legs and over my oversized bottom. Sometimes Mr Homestead pokes his head in so he can laugh.

 "I see your squeezing into your jeans again." He starts laughing. I roll my eyes and keep dancing.

 Eventually the jeans are on and I'm fastening the button with a hair tie so that I don't get cranky because my middle feels like I'm either going to have to quit breathing or never ever sit down while I'm wearing the stupid things.

 Remind me again why I put myself through this every year? Oh yeah boots. Beautiful boots.

 I've just zipped up my boots and now I'm questioning myself and my sanity. Can I really pull this off all day?

 Twenty minutes later I'm dancing my way back out of these stupid pants and throwing on my sweats. Ahh. That's better. Who needs boots anyway?

 In fact, the whole ordeal has caused so much stress that I head to the kitchen and turn the kettle on. My brain once again says, "make some tea." but my willpower once again fails and doesn't listen and I make myself I mug of hot cocoa, curl up on the couch, and savor every drop.  photo f7801b1c-9c10-4a06-8790-df93f208c2af_zpsngh94x4c.jpg

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