Growing Potatoes- Method 2 (In the ground)

A few weeks back I shared with you that we ran a potato growing experiment this year where we tried 3 different methods of growing spuds. The first method was in a gunnysack and you can read more about how that method turned out here.

 The next method was planted directly in the ground. Out of several seed potatoes we only had one actually grow and by the time it was finished it still was pretty scrawny.

We dug it up and sifted through lots of dirt.

 Sad to say that this method produced the fewest potatoes out of all our plants. A grand total of 3. The worst part is that when we pulled out the potatoes we found an unwelcome surprise.

 Worms were boring into the potatoes and they had already riddled the potatoes full of holes. Blech!

 Safe to say this method is not on our must do again. We composted the potatoes and the plant and called it a complete failure.

 So now we've covered 2 methods that didn't work out all that well which is okay because I'll be sharing at some point very soon the 3rd method which we absolutely love. It gave us the most potatoes and was the easiest way to grow them.

   photo f7801b1c-9c10-4a06-8790-df93f208c2af_zpsngh94x4c.jpg

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