Homemade Christmas with an Easy DIY Ornament

Easy homemade Christmas Ornament.

We love being creative around our house. It's in our genes and if you don't believe me look in my kids room because you will most likely find the contents of our recycle bin in there. They are always using it to create new stuff. It drives me crazy even though I love that they're creative. 

This Christmas I asked the kids if they would mind us doing a handmade Christmas and they enthusiastically said YES. 

My first goal was to make ornaments. The kids made some really cute ornaments from Dollar Tree kits and I went searching through what I already had to get some ideas for ornaments I wanted to make. 

I found some plain glass bulbs in my garage that I've been meaning to do something with for a couple of years. After a trip to Dollar Tree for some additional supplies I was ready to finally turn them into something cool.

Easy homemade Christmas Ornament.

The glass bulbs I remember picking up at Goodwill about 2 years ago. When I was there recently I saw a whole bunch of them for reasonable prices so I highly recommend checking out thrift stores in order to keep this a frugal project.

I filled about 3 of the glass bulbs with one package of these felt balls. Of course you can pick out any filler material. One ball I filled with some feathers I had collected from my ducks when we had them so think outside the box and fill with treasured memories.

Easy homemade Christmas Ornament.

Easy homemade Christmas Ornament.

Make these up anyway you desire for a simple ornament that's sure to brighten the tree.

Happy Crafting!

Life, Love, and Mason Jars,


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