What's up with the blog

I'm sure that by now you've noticed the name and platform change for my blog. I promise there are very good reasons for it. It's not that I'm trying to bounce people back and forth while I try and figure things out. That's definitely not my intention.

There was some deep thinking on my part about moving my blog back to Blogger. I really didn't want to because I really liked where I was...but...

It all came down to being frugal. While my desire to promote products and services that I like and are beneficial is still there blogging on a platform that requires a hosting site to work is expensive. Very expensive. In the year I've been writing on LHH  I didn't make enough money to break even with the expense of having the blog. 

So after agonizing over it I made the decision to move back to Blogger. It was the best choice for me and my family. I can continue to bring you lots of great posts and even continue to show products and services from great companies. I can do it all without wondering if the cost is going to hurt my family. Believe me being frugal has very good merits.

The other thing switching over allows me to do is focus on opening up an Etsy store. I've wanted to open my own store for awhile now and by stepping back and refocusing on my priorities I'll be able to move forward on making products that I love to make and selling them in my own store. My goal is to open my store sometime at the beginning of next year so stay tuned for that. 

So I guess that leaves the last thing I was going to touch on, why the name change? Well, when I set up Little Homestead Heaven I went through the hosting company to get my site name. Ironically, when they do that they make it really hard to take the name with you so I decided not to mess with it. When I logged on to Blogger I saw that I had set up a blog under the name An Oregon Homestead. Instantly I felt like it was perfect so I'm running with it now.

So this brings me to where we are now. I have already reposted all the posts from LHH here. On December 8 the other site will shut down but rest assured you can find everything all here. I will continue over the next week to finish making updates to outdated info here and well as some improvements but you'll still be able to access the site. 

Thank you for being loyal readers and for continuing to support us in our endeavors. 

Have a blessed weekend!


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