Wrap an Empty Box Christmas Tip

As we head into the week before Christmas I want to say thank you for following this blog and supporting it through your kind comments and follows. I dearly appreciate and love everyone who is part of this community.

I'll probably be scarce this week as I finish up Christmas gifts, wrapping, holiday baking, and in general enjoying time with my family. I hope that you also are enjoying time with your family. 

Today I wanted to share though one of my favorite Christmas hacks of all time. An empty wrapped box.

It may seem funny but that empty wrapped box is perfect for containing all the wrapping from Christmas morning gifts. It's decorative and keeps everything corralled in one neat little spot.

Plus I'm able to take the whole thing to my recycling center and toss the whole thing into the combined bin after the holidays are over. (I only put papers and cardboard in here. Make sure and remove non-recyclable material beforehand)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. A decorative functional Christmas hack.

Share with me in the comments your favorite Christmas hack.

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