My Homemaking Binder

How I'm using a binder to get organized.

Every year I say I'm going to get organized and I always start off with some form of organization system that might work for a week or two and then I lapse back into my old ways. While I'm not certain that using a binder will work long term for me I've been using it for the past month and it's at least nice that I finally have all my important stuff together in one place. 

This binder not only houses my homemaking items but also holds my homesteading info. For the sake of this post however I'm only covering homemaking today. I'll cover the homesteading portion later this week. 

My whole purpose for this binder was really to hold important information. For items I have to look at more often I have my Filofax planner. I don't look at the home binder every day but when I need it I can pull it out and look at it. 

My Categories for the homemaking side are simple. 
Meal Planning
Personal (with sections for each member of the family)

I also have a calendar at the beginning which is for both home and homestead. 

Each section is simple.

Holds all my cleaning lists. Daily, weekly, monthly, and deep cleaning. All my lists came from my Molly Green membership. For your own membership sign up >>here. (affiliate link, see policies for more info)

Holds my monthly budget as well as breakdowns. I keep current bills in the pocket of the divider.

Meal Planning_
Holds my freezer inventory and meal plans. I don't use anything fancy for meal planning just plain notebook paper.

Each member has their own section. Each section is designed to hold medical and personal information pertaining to them.

I have logs of all kinds here. Contact lists, password logs, auto maintenance, etc. Any log or list pertaining to the home is in this section.

I also keep a pencil pouch in the front which holds stamps, pens and pencils, and a checkbook.

How I'm using a binder to stay organized.

How I'm using a binder to stay organized.

Because most of the homemaking sections hold personal information I've shared pictures only of select sections that are pretty generic. 

So far I've had no issues using this binder although for the most part it's all reference material. Being that my homesteading and homemaking are combined I may have to split the binder in half at some point. The nice thing about them being together though is that in the event of an emergency I can grab the one binder and go and know that all the info I need is in there.

Have a great week!


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