We brought home some baby chicks

I had no intention of bringing home any baby chicks this year. The plan was to buy pullets close to laying age and skip the baby stage.

Well we've had our pullets for a month and a half now and are getting eggs and you would think that I would be satisfied, and I am, but with County Fair around the corner I realized that the girls were going to need a smaller chicken that was easier to work with than our larger Barred Rocks.

My Australorp and Silver Laced Wyandotte

So I started looking around and couldn't find any bantam breeds for sale. Then on the way home from a Dr.s appointment we stopped at a little feed store and lo and behold they still had a batch of chicks left and one of the breeds was a little Gold Laced Cochin Bantam and despite my no chicks this year statement we ended up coming home with 2 little Cochins and 1 Blue Laced Andalusian.

I will admit the Blue Andalusian was for me. I will add her to my flock when she's big enough. It was a moment of weakness. The 2 Cochin chicks though will have their own coop and run and won't run with the big girls.

Love the Gold Lacing on the chicks wings.

My Blue Andalusian is the gray/blue chick in front.

So that brings my egg layers to 5 and then the girls will have 2 bantams for 4H. I think it worked out well.

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