Garden Update 6/19/17

This year has been a rough one garden wise. The rainy season has been stubborn and has firmly maintained it's hold on our area until relatively recently. Even so we've had the occasional rainy day or in the case of this week all week.

So far everything we've transplanted to the garden has maintained a stubby, puny status. However, our side yard raised garden bed that we direct planted with seeds is doing well.

Our potato bins have plants growing in them. Not all took but at least we have a few growing. 😊

Rows of beans. On the left we have Dragon's Tongue and on the right Bush Green Beans. Front row is just starting to develop the tops of little carrots.

My Comfrey looks Uh-mazing!


These crates were lined with garden paper and filled with dirt and compost for these Hood Strawberries. They are the only plant we transplanted this year that has taken off and done so much better than I imagined.

I really am loving these raised beds and the hubby and I agree that over the rainy season we want to work on converting the garden into raised beds. It looks nicer and is easier to work with.

I also am really happy that these crates are working well for container planting.

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