A Lesson We Can All Learn- Kitchen 101

Today my kids got a refresher course on how to clean the kitchen...properly. For all the time spent in the kitchen cleaning and all the instruction on how to do it right, they still struggled with getting the dishes clean and the counters wiped. There have been heavy sighs and frustrated parents and kids. So we went back to basics and I showed them how I wanted it done to clean each item.

Side by side we worked together and I showed them the steps to take to do it right and then placed the dishcloth in their capable hands to finish each task. They scrubbed (no dishwasher here), and dried, and wiped counters and stove tops. They finished it off by scrubbing the sink down. 

As we worked I explained to them why I'm always asking them to help around the house and how we won't like doing every chore that must be done. I told them that even if we didn't like doing something we should still put a smile on our face and get to it. 

Within an hour they had my kitchen sparkling. Well as sparkly as a kitchen can be. They also understood a bit better where their Dad and I were coming from and that we all have a part to play as part of a family unit. That as parents our job is to teach them how to be responsible, mature adults who can take care of themselves. Therein is the kicker.

It's our jobs as parents to teach our kids and sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life we lose sight of that and then assume that our kids should just automatically know how to do things and do them right. Sadly, this is not always the case. My kids learn a lot from watching us do things like garden, mow the yard, take care of animals, and our hobbies. My daughters can whittle wood just so to make a fence for their Breyers but washing the dishes correctly eluded them. Why? Because they had never actually watched me do it. I had never taken the time to teach them. 

So now I'm taking the time to teach them. I may not always do a good job, I am human after all, but with a little time, patience, reminders and guidance I am certain that they will still grow up to be fine adults. 

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