How to make fresh homemade butter

I love love love fresh homemade butter. It is hands down one of my most favorite things to make. The taste is wonderful and creamy and store bought butter ain't got nothin' over the taste of fresh butter on a warm slice of bread.

Now that I have you salivating I'll let you in on a little secret, making your own butter is super easy. I mean really really easy. So easy my kids can do it.

Here's what you need to make your own delicious butter.

Fresh Homemade Butter-

Heavy whipping cream
Himalayan Sea Salt (in our house it's pink salt)
Stand mixer (You don't necessarily need a stand mixer, a hand mixer will do but a stand mixer makes the process so much easier.)

Pour your heavy whipping cream in the bowl of your mixer and using the whisk attachment start the machine to a medium/medium high speed making sure not to slosh over the sides. 

Here's the part where you can multi task as long as you stay in the kitchen. It can sometimes take awhile so feel free to wash some dishes or mop the floor. 

Eventually you will see it start to look like whipped cream which it is. At this point you could add a bit of honey to sweeten it and top all your favorite summer goodies with it. In fact you could even take a finger swipe and enjoy, I won't tell. But if you want to have awesome butter keep it whipping.

At this point make sure you keep a close eye on your developing butter. If you don't, as the butter curds start to develop and the buttermilk separates the speed of the mixer could send some flying and your husband and kids may walk in and find you cleaning up a mess all over the cupboards and floor. True story.

Once the curds start forming go ahead and turn the mixer down so that you can avoid making the above mentioned mess. The curds will start forming a large lump of butter and at this point you can stop the mixer and move on to the next step.

Sadly I missed taking a picture of the next step but it's pretty simple. Remove the ball of butter making sure to get all of it. Don't discard the liquid, this is true blue buttermilk and it is so yummy. Simply strain it with some cheesecloth and enjoy.

Take your lump of butter and rinse it well in a clean bowl. Work the butter with your hands removing as much of the leftover buttermilk as you can. This is important because any buttermilk left in the butter could cause it to spoil quickly.

When the water runs clear kneed the ball a bit to squeeze out as much liquid as possible then let the butter sit in a cheesecloth lined strainer for a bit to let as much leftover moisture drip off as possible.

Once your butter stops dripping you can either add a little salt for some extra flavor, yum, or you can omit the salt for salt free. Personally I think it's better with the salt but I'm a little biased.

So there you have it fresh easy homemade butter. Plus bonus buttermilk. Trust me, drink the buttermilk it's good.

Now go enjoy some butter slathered over delicious bread.

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  1. YUM! And so super easy! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!