Solar Eclipse 2017

My science loving family took advantage of our ability to see 99% of the Solar Eclipse yesterday. I love seeing my kids so interested in learning. They were fascinated with watching the moon cover up the sun. The shadows growing longer and darker. The air cooling down.

Then poof just like that it was over and the sun came back, the air warmed up and the day was back to normal.

Here's our time spent watching in photos. All photos of eclipse were taken through a filter except one.

The garden looked pretty cool in the weird light that occurred as the sun was covered up.

The chickens suffered no adverse reactions and no one went in to roost. In fact by the time it was over 3 out of 4 hens had already laid their eggs. They are now happily strutting around as if nothing happened which I'm sure to them nothing did.

Blue and Samantha our Blue Andalusian and Standard Cochin pullets.

Our sweet Henny Penny, our special Australorp. The weird lighting makes her look funny.

Hi Louise. Thelma was busy laying her egg and couldn't be bothered with a photo shoot.
Last but not least I took this photo without a filter during the peak of totality. For us that was 99%. I love how it came out and reflected the sun like it did. The sun itself looks blue.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time watching the solar eclipse.

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  1. The eclipse was pretty neat, and only about 60% covered here. I like how you were able to capture that weird partial lighting, greyish/silver as opposed to the golden hues of dusk & dawn. My daughter & friends climbed a mountain to view it with glasses & pin hole options :)