How to Make Ground Beef Stretch

It was dinner time and I was watching 2 pounds of ground beef brown in the skillet. As it cooked I felt a sense of frustration start to build. Meat isn't cheap and when it takes 2 pounds or more just to make a hearty meal it's frustrating for this frugal mama. The million dollar question though- how do you make ground beef stretch?

Well turns out it's easier than you would think. The key is to add fillers. Not the nasty chemical fillers that are in processed foods but healthy wholesome ingredients that you can feel good about serving to your family. Bonus I've found picky eaters often overlook the veggies and eat them right up.

Possible ingredients to make ground beef stretch are:

Lentils (cooked)

With this method I've been able to use less ground beef and more veggies which are significantly less expensive.

Chop all your vegetables and toss in a skillet with your ground beef. Use in any recipe that calls for beef. When I make this I use one pound of ground beef instead of two and add more veggies if the recipe calls for them.

Happy cooking (and saving money)!

*All photos copyright to Sarah Moore and Feathers and Lace. 

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