Welcome Fall!

Oh Fall,

I feel you once again creeping in. I feel you in the crispness of the air as the wind gently cools my skin. I feel you in the warmth of the Autumn sun which is refreshing after a hot summer.

I see you as the wind dances through the trees sending orange, yellow, and brown leaves dancing and swirling to the ground. I see you as the light shines down on everything with a golden hue.

I taste you as summer recipe favorites are put away in exchange for comforting bowls of stew and hearty casseroles. I taste you in baked goods and warm cups of tea.

Oh how I love when seasons change. It is a beautiful reminder that nothing stays the same. That change happens and it can be a beautiful thing if we let it.

This time of year, more than any other time, I feel the tug to make changes, to declutter my home and schedule, to clean everything until it shines. The urge to make everything a cozy comfortable place to relax and escape from the pressures and stress of the world. To embrace simplicity.

To start fresh and new. Cast off the old to make way for something new and potentially more beautiful. This is what each season brings, a chance to start fresh.

For me Fall more than any other season evokes the urge to make changes. Maybe it's the freshness of the air or the cooler temps but whatever it is I feel the need to embrace it.

I hope you feel inspired too!

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