Diy Terry Cloth Wet Wipes

I gave up disposable wet wipes years ago when my second daughter was just a wee baby. At the time I purchased already made bamboo wet wipes and a wipe warmer. After my son was potty trained it was no longer necessary to keep the wipes around so I passed them on to someone else who wanted them.

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Then my kids hit the sports phase of life. It was okay when it was just my girls but then once my son started playing and we were spending hours at the fields during the week that I realized that it sure would be nice to have wet wipes around so that we had a way to wipe sticky fingers and dirt spots from water bottles.

I hated to let disposable wet wipes into my life. They are loaded with chemicals and because the only option is to throw them away they are bad for the environment. I didn't want to purchase more bamboo wipes because it can be expensive so I decided to try making my own.

These are not perfect by any means but so far they have held up to weekly use by our family.

If you want to make some for yourself all you will need is some washcloths and a container to store them in.

First I cut the washcloths into quarters so you end up getting 4 cloths for every full size washcloth.

I sewed the edges of each wipe to prevent fraying. A serger is the best way to accomplish this but since I don't have a serger I simply used a zig zag stitch and my sewing machine.

Voila! Diy terry cloth wet wipes.

I put mine in a square container and add some water before we head out for a night or day of sports.

*Note~ You won't want used wipes floating around in the bottom of your bag so I recommend using a ziplock bag or better yet for an eco friendly option a wet bag.

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