My 2017 Christmas Planner

*This post has been updated and reposted from the blog archives.

Every year at this time I bring out my Christmas Planner. It's important to me to be organized and intentional this time of year and my planner allows me to write down my priorities so I can focus on what is truly important to me. 

The goal of my planner is so that I can make the most of the season. My Christmas Cards list and addresses are in this book so I don't have to track them down each year. I have gift lists for my kids, family, and friends. I keep the crochet patterns, recipes, and anything else I need for hand crafted gifts in a section. I can plan out meals and coordinate with family. I keep a calendar for November/December so that all important events can be recorded. Basically, if it has to do with the holiday season and is a priority for our family it goes in this binder so that it's easily accessible.

I use a 3-ring binder as my Christmas Planner. **I've updated the binder since I wrote the original post but the inside has remained the same. 

Inside I used plain white dividers and prettied up the tabs with washi tape. I'm going into my 3rd Christmas using these dividers and they are holding up great.

Inside my planner I have 8 tabs- Calendar, Gifts, Budget, Plans, Menu, Cards, Decor, Crafts. After years of trial and error I've found these to be the most useful for me. (Update* I still have the tab and printables for the Decor section but I don't actually use it. Apparently I just don't really care to inventory my decor and plan down to the last detail where I'll put it.)

I purchased my Christmas planner pages in 2014 and I still love, absolutely love them and am using them again this year! The colors are so pretty and the pages are just what I need to stay organized. I've listed the link to this planner below.

Now that I've shown you my Christmas Planner here are 5 of my favorite printables for Christmas-

Here is the link to the planner pages (shown above) I use from Mamas Got it Together- Christmas Holiday Planner
I love this wish list from Organizing Home Life- Free Printable Christmas Wish List.
This DIY Christmas planner from Eighteen25 is simple and easy to put together- 2015 DIY Christmas Planner
This planner from the Polka Dot Posie is adorable- Merry Christmas Planner
These Christmas planner printables from Mom's Favorite Stuff are cute and fun- Christmas Planner Printables

I use the Christmas Holiday planner from Mamas Got it Together as the base of my planner. From there I add in other printables and spreadsheets as needed to round out what I need. 

How do you get organized for Christmas? Do you use a planner? Share your methods and ideas below.

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